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By | April 2011
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I totally agree with the thoughts that Chetan bhagat enlightens us with in one of his recent articles. The CWG 2010 is, one of the biggest and most blatant, exercises in the history of corruption. Not only have they looted the hard earned money of common people like us who sweat out hard to earn a living, but they have also spoilt the entire face of the city which already was not so pleasant. The dug-up roads will never be repaired and the potholes will remain as souvenirs. And after all their deeds, rather misdeeds are revealed, the same story that follows. Tossing responsibilities from one person to the other, Enquiry reports, and vague statements will never cease to end. And then after they successfully pass time, people forget it and media no longer captures the same news as it no longer captures their TRP’s. Bollywood stars will do the closing ceremony and the entertainment provided will somewhat compensate for everything. One way the country could have taught them a lesson for robbing them off would have been by not going to stadiums, not watching their shows. Total Noncooperation. Yes! This is what the father of nation followed too and being his followers even we could. We should not have stayed quiet just on name of country’s pride. We would be even more proud if by one step of ours corruption reduces. And if the government wants to get out of this mess, the only way would be to punish the people who did it and punish them hard. Plus making sure about the absence of such happenings from next time is also a requisite. Fix the mess, or the Indian people will soon be telling you - game over

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