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Chapter - 01


1.1 Origin of the report:

In today’s world only academic education does not make a student perfect to become competitive with the outside world. Internship is highly needed to gain idea, knowledge and experience.

University of Development Alternative (UODA), one of the reputed private universities in Bangladesh, has designed the curriculum of the BBA course such a way that the international standard graduates will be produced. After completing 136 credit hours, one student needs to go for further 05 credit hours internship program in a commercial organization. From this internship program students get the opportunity to learn facing the real business world.

First Security Islami Bank Limited is a place where I could learn the business dealings. This organization has created a positive image to the customer’s mind by providing better service. This bank has introduced some modern banking scheme that has got high market demand. As it maintain the pace with the competitive business world, its activities, culture, philosophy and style leads an intern student to be the best at any field of working life. As an intern student I have got the opportunity to work with this organization for three months and acquire idea about real business world.

1.2 Objectives of the study:

➢ To know the Financial Performance of First Security Islami Bank Limited.

➢ To evaluate their strength and weakness regarding banking sector.

➢ To justify their way of banking in our economy.

➢ To Draw a general picture of foreign exchange operations of FSIBL

➢ To describe Export & Import system.

➢ To overview the whole operation at a glance.

➢ To illustrate banks liquidity and capital reservation with special reference to the annual report.

➢ To know the contribution of GDP towards Bangladesh economy.

➢ To state the major drawbacks and the way of improvement.

➢ To conduct an comparative analysis with other banks

1.3 Rationale of the Study:

Any academic course of study has a great value when it has practical application in real life. Only a lot of theoritical knowledge will be a little important unless it is applicable in practical life.So we we need proper application of our knowledge to get some benefit from our theoritical knowledge to make it more fruitful. This is why internship program is a prerequisite for acquiring BBA Degree in my University. The entire BBA program is divided into Twelve trimester . The internship program is executed in the last semester and it has got the same weight as othersemester in the evaluation process. As the classroom discussion alone can not make a student perfect in handling the real business situation. Therefore it is an opportunity for the students to know about real life situation through this internship program. This program consists of three phases:

1.3.1 Orientation of the organization:

To accustom the internee with structure , functions, and performance of the organization.

1.3.2 The project Work:

To pertainning to a perticular problem matching with the internee’s capacity and organization’s requirement.

1.3.3 The report writing:

To eptomize the internee’s analysis, findings and achievements, in this connection, I was assigned to First Security Islami Bank Limited, Mymensingh branch, all departments for my practical orientation.

I would like to add, this report is completely confidential and prepared with a view to expose myself to the prctical exposure and knowledge.

1.4 Methodology

Collection of Data:

Primary data are collected by using interviewing technique. The report is an exploratory research and for qualitative survey open ended question was ask to the Bank official.


All the Branches of First Security Islami Bank Limited located in everywhere in Bangladesh has been taken into consideration as population.


First Security Islami Bank...
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