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We are tasked with building an autonomous waste sorter that needs to be operated by solar power, with battery power as backup, or operated by no power at all. The materials to be sorted by this waste sorter are a tuna can, and also two of three items: plastic water bottle, coca cola glass bottle, and/or a larger tea can. The sorter should work as such that the materials are placed in the sorter, and then sorted out into individual containers without any human interaction with the device. The glass bottle should not break, so this needed to be taken into account when deciding on a design for our sorter. The sorter also had to be less than or at 1m x 1m x 50cm in size. The sorter needs to be safe, creative, sustainable, be under $100 in total cost for the design, and be able to sort the materials fast. This document explains the process of the final design came to be, the materials used to construct the final design and the process to sort a glass bottle, tuna can and a plastic bottle.


The waste sorter shown below uses similar techniques used for sorting multiple items at the same time present in our own autonomous waste sorter. This waster sorter can potentially sort a huge amount of materials from paper, plastics, and cardboard to glass, metals and soda cans. Firstly, the waste sorter separates the glass near the beginning of the waste sorting processes. Glass gets sorted before the other items because glass is much heavier than the other items in the same sorting assembly line. Another similarity between the two designs is the use of magnets to sort out metal materials such as iron. Air vents blow blasts of air onto the objects to separate the light paper from the rest of the pile. Many series of screens are used to sort larger waste from smaller waste from each other. Plastic bottles are left for the end. Everything else has been sorted leaving the plastic to easily be pushed into its own waste bin. Nearly every waste...
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