Fruitcake Special

Topics: Character, Protagonist Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: June 23, 2011
The story tells about a twenty-seven-year old chemist called Anna who by chance concocted a new scent The Fruitcake Special that saw her attracting some unwanted attention from men.One of those was her boss and owner of Amos Cosmetics,David amos who was a tall ,dark and handsome Englishman.This attention caused a commotion in the French restaurant where Mr amos had taken anna foe dinner.Anna soon realized the effect of the scent on men was due to the ingredient found in the fruitcake that she added into the perfume.All was lost as she found out later that the woman who baked the cake had already passed on and so the secret ingredient remained buried with her.Little did she know that true love was only waiting to come by.

Who was the main characters and how was them?

Anna is the main character in this story.She was a 27 year old chemist who worked in Amos Cosmetics.Her job was to design new perfumes.She was a plain looking woman who never attracted the interest of her boss Mr.Amos.She lived with her mother and had an aunt who came to visit them sometimes.Anna was impulsive.she was trying out all the usual mix of flowers and things to make a perfume.She dicided to throw in a piece of fruitcake Momma had packed for her lunch.Anna was also curious.Although she couldn't explain why Mr.Amos had suddenly found her attractive,she realy wanted to know what's happen.

David Amos is the main character in this story too.He was a very rich and handsome Englishman who was the owner of Amos Cosmetics.He was a womaniser who was famous for going out with beautiful women.He never took any notice of plain looking women and would be embarrased to be associated with one.David Amos was arrogant.He is a dark,handsome English guy who would never dream of saying nice things to ordinary girls like him.David Amos was also devious.He'd changed his mind and was trying to think of some excuse to get out of their evening together.

Lastly,Aunt Mimi is also the main...
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