Fruit Processing

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1.0 INTRODUCTION Fruits are an important source of energy for human-beings but they are perishable items. Hence since many years various products are made from juice of fruits so that they can be consumed during off season as well. Products like jam, jelly, squash etc. are made from fruits since long. With the advent of technology and preservatives, shelf life of such products has gone up and they can be preserved for many months with proper packing. The proposed location of this activity could be many centres in India as number of tropical fruits are grown in the country. However, this note deals with a project in Manipur as several fruits like pineapples, oranges, lemons, peaches etc. are cultivated in large quantities. Hence, it is suggested to undertake fruit processing activity. 2.0 PRODUCTS 2.1 Applications Fruits are perishable in nature and for their preservation, they need to be processed to make juices, squashes, jams, nectars etc. However, this note is restricted to making of orange and pineapple juice and squash. 2.2 Availability of know-how and Compliances

Strict compliances with the provisions under the FPO and PFA Act are mandatory. CFTRI, Mysore, has successfully developed the technical know-how. 3.0 MARKET POTENTIAL Demand and Supply Fruits are liked by people of all age groups but they are available only during specific season. Due to high water or juice contents, they are perishable. Certain fruits require very careful


and consequently costly transportation. Hence, many down-the-line products like squash, fruit-juice concentrates, jam, nectars etc. are made from fruits with preservative which increases their shelf-life substantially. Market for such products has witnessed a quantum jump during last few years and with growing urbanisation, increase in disposable incomes and changing life styles, demand for them is steadily going up. Marketing Strategy There are some established brands available in the market but they are costly and hence people would prefer low cost, good quality products. It is possible to introduce competitive pricing for a small scale unit due to its inherent features. Proper care has to be taken in creating and maintaining adequate network. 4.0 MANUFACTURING PROCESS The manufacturing process for making fruit juice and squash is standardised and not very complicated or time consuming. CFTRI, Mysore, has successfully developed this technology. In the first process, fully ripe and matured fruits are washed, cleaned, graded and then peeled. Thereafter juice is extracted from fruits and then it is filtered to remove seeds, fibres etc. This juice is then processed, sterilised and bottled after adding preservatives. In case of squash, syrup of sugar along with preservatives are added to juice and this mixture is stirred till uniform solution is formed and then it is bottled. As regards oranges, recovery of juice is substantial and weight and process loss is 10%. But in case of pineapple, wastages are around 50%. Process loss of 5-6% is compensated by addition of sugar syrup. The process flow chart is as under: Washing, grading and peeling of fruits K Juice extraction and filtration K Sterilization K Packing


CAPITAL INPUTS 5.1 Land and Building Total requirement of built-up area shall be around 150 sq.mtrs. and hence land measuring about 300 sq.mtrs. will be adequate. The built-up area is adequate to have production, storage and packing facilities. Cost of land is estimated to be Rs. 90,000/- whereas that of civil work Rs.3,75,000/-.FPO provisions about layout of factory building must be adhered to.



Plant and Machinery

In view of size of the market and to ensure economic viability of the project, rated production capacity of 150 tonnes per year with 2 shift working and 300 working days is advisable. To install this capacity following machines shall be required: Item Fruit Washing Tanks Juice Extractors Steam Jacketed Kettles- 60...
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