Frq " the Early Modern Period"

Topics: Europe, World War II, Modern history Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: April 8, 2013
FRQ #3
The "early modern period" the period where the pressure to work harder and longer was a personal side to the systemic changes that were reshaping the world, distinguished from the post-classical period ahead of its time. Several developments opened the doors to this period the revival of empire building, the steady progression of explorations by Europeans along the Atlantic coast of Africa, and new military technologies. The changes in world empires, trade routes, and the effects of new naval and military technologies, where the major features of the early modern period. Throughout, these developments expanded to three changes: the forging of a new global economy, new biological exchanges of food, animals, and people, and the emergence of new, large empires based on guns and gunnery. New empires included the gunpowder empires which formed a large portion of the political units, several European countries acquired overseas empires, and for the first time they began to develop, while new land-based empires appeared in Asia and Eastern Europe. The Russian and Ottoman Empires ruled over Europe and Asia territories as the Mughal Empire ruled India. New trading opportunities and colonial expansion were closely related to significant changes within Western Europe. International trade increased; Europeans introduced new diseases, such as smallpox and measles, into the Americas and Pacific Islands, decreasing the native population. Population decrease encouraged new migrations, mostly from Europe and Africa, into the Americas. No changes were made gender wise during this time. Though new African slave trade affected gender balances on both sides of the Atlantic. More men than women were seized in Africa; as a result, the lack of adequate numbers of husbands encouraged African polygamy. Europe came upon new ideas which brought upon debate over women's conditions in Western Europe. Other Europe effects included Europeans using silver to pay for goods in...
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