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Topics: United States, American Civil War, Confederate States of America Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: March 13, 2012
The Confederates believed that they were fighting a Third American Revolution by attempting to secede from the United States during the American Civil War. Although the confederate sought to secede from the union and exercise their States’ right, which they claimed was being denied by the union. The South argued that they were being their right to owning property, in this case, the enslaved Africans. The South claimed Independence from the North, just like the colonists did with Great Britain. As a result, the Revolutionary war broke out between Great Britain and the Colonists for the independence and freedom of the colonies, in other words, the colonies wanted to secede from Great Britain. The South attempting to secede from the North is very similar because the South feels as though it is time to separate from the Northern tyrants and oppressors. The civil war is very similar to the Revolutionary war because both wars were fought in order to gain freedom and obtain independence from a larger power. Since the Revolutionary war and the Civil war are very similar, the Civil war is considered to be the third American Revolution. Some of the arguments that the south argued they had to secede was because of the Secessionism of Threatened Cultures, this basically states that if a minority culture is threatened within a state that has a majority culture, the minority needs a right to form a state of its own which would protect its culture. Another reason was because of Cultural Secessionism: any group which was previously in a minority has a right to protect and develop its own culture and distinct national identity through seceding into an independent state. The South also stated that Secession was justified because of Anarcho-Capitalism, this is the individual liberty to form political associations and private property rights together justify right to secede and to create a “viable political order” with like-minded individuals. The main argument that the...
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