Frozen Pizza and Other Slices of Life

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“Frozen Pizza and Other Slices of Life”
Frozen pizza and other slices of life, by Antoinette Moses, is a very good book which tells us eight different stories about different people who show us the same country (England) but from their own point of view and tells us eight different stories about their particular lives. In the last four chapters, we can find other new British's point of view and many lessons from each chapter. Here is what we have learned from the last four chapters.

To start with ‘Sweetie’, in this chapter, the story represents a student life, whose plot talks about Nikki Apton, a student college, who is not quite good at managing on her life. Her characteristic is the same as other students who are not able to arrange what is the priority thing to do. She is always irresponsible for the negative results that are made by her. Fashionable student ‘Nikki Apton’ leads a fun-loving life, exploiting parents for money and leaning on her friend Sue to cover up for absences at seminars. Her father loses his job and cannot subsidize her; meanwhile the bank stops her cash card. Sue complains to lecturer Mrs. Martins about the way Nikki puts pressure on her. Nikki receives a letter saying she has failed the course. She remains convinced that she has a bright future despite her academic failure. In this story, the author does not give us know the story by the main character narrating. She runs the story by Nikki, the main character, sending E-mails to her friend, her boyfriend, her parents and her lecturer. The language and style that the author uses is just daily-life words. It is easy to understand even though there is some unseen slang found. Nikki’s characteristic is like her sending Emails. She never faces up with the problems directly. She uses E-mail to deal with them. It shows that she is not quite sincere because when writing E-mail, we have to think each word over repeatedly. Sometimes, we may not mean that as we exactly feel but have to use those sentences just because it sounds better. After finishing this chapter, Nikki reminds me to look at myself. She is the mirror that reflects my life and warns me not to do like her. The lesson that I have got from the chapter is ‘As you sow, so shall you reap.’ From the story, Nikki does not do her duty by herself, asking someone help and also complaining him or her when it is not what she expects. Finally, She deserves to fail in her academic at the end of the story. Next chapter is ‘The Star Reporter.’ The plot of this chapter is associated with a student reporter, Mike, who makes the news about a flooded area near his college, and this event changes his life forever. There are three main characters in this chapter; Mike, Angela, and Carol. Mike’s characteristic is curious and sympathetic. Angela is an ambitious editor of the Student News team who does not care what is right or wrong. The last main character is Carol, a Robbie’s mother who lives in the flooded area. She cannot accept any truth that she did.

Mike, a student who was in the Student News Team, made the news about the nearby area, which had flood every year. Angela, the editor, agreed with him and sent him to give the people who lived in the flooded area an interview and also sent Sue with him in order to take the photographs. In the flooded village, Mike met Carol, who was lifting a buggy up to the stairs while carrying her baby, Robbie. While Sue was taking a photo of her, Carol was so frightened that she forgot her baby and things in her arms but covered her face instead. Luckily, Mike was fast enough to catch the baby in time. After talking with Carol, Mike was very pleasant and felt that she was a very good mother. Moreover, he was eager to know why Carol was afraid of journalist. So he returned to find more information about Carol and he discovered that she was headline in the news long ago as a child murderer. When she was eleven years old, she usually took care of the children around her...
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