Frost at Midnight

Topics: Mind, Thought, Nature Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Frost at Midnight
The poem written in honour of poet’s son Hartly Coleridge depicts the simple unity btw the child and the nature and the adult’s reconnection with nature through memories of childhood. At the outset the poet gives us a picture of an evening spent by his fireside on a frosty night. In a deeply contemplative mood he observes the frost falling silently while the shrill cry of the owlet freighting the grim silence of the nature. As the family members of the poet have retired for the night. He is left alone to his solitary musings. His little son sleeps peacefully in the cradle by his side. The silence becomes so oppressive that it disturbs his meditative mood. The poet portrays the mind as it moves in silence. Much of the poetry is constituted of emotions recollected in tranquillity. The whole of nature-sea, hill, forest and the populous village with the pulsation of life seems silent like pictures in a dream. The fire in the hearth is too still. Only the film on the fire flutters and appear to the poet as a welcome companion, for the idle mind, the poet believes, searches for the echoes and resemblances of its own mood in all natural objects and plays with diverse thoughts that occurs to it for their purpose. The poet is reminded of the monotonous life he lived in his school days as he sat at night dreamingly watching the flickering of fire in the grate. He would lull himself to sleep remembering his home far away from the city, the old church tours and pealing of its bells. He would gaze at the fire, his mind full of strange anticipation awaiting the appearance of strangers. Even the next morning he would be remain so overwhelmed by his pleasant dreams of his birthplace that he would be quite indifferent to his class world. Awed by the stern preceptor fare, he would continue to fix his stare upon the book but as soon as the door would partly open he would snatch a hasty glance hoping to see a stranger’s face or a townsman, or his aunt or some...
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