Frontline Hsc Prelim Course Notes

Topics: Truth Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: August 21, 2012
- exclusivity contract (Brook persuades gunman's mother to sign, saying that other current affairs media were not so moral?) - Brook appears extra sympathetic, caring and understanding but is really insensitive 'Do you have batteries? Might you be able to cry again?; - Marty crouches down although not in imminent danger (playing appearances) - Psychologist student has a beard so passes for appearances " a psychologist that majors in psychology" - all that matters is getting the good story, the images, first - Leaving the phone off the hook, so other current affairs stations cannot reach gunman - disregard for police restriction of 50 m, helicopter shot

- pursuit of ratings, audience > truth not priority
- Mike is not a trained negotiater could have endangered children - Final macabre event (You asked specifically for me, what do you want? I want you to hear this. Gunshots, lady screaming hysterically) highlights danger/risk of 1st act, In truth the media is indifferent to the public's safety

Brian manipulates the truth by asking for gunmen, rebels, gun shots, action/cross-fire not the orderly control of the army. He suspects they are not revealing the truth of the situation either. He presents himself as credible for the news item actually developed by Emma. (spotting of helicopter) Just tells people what they want to hear: you made these figures (brook, mike, emma) Mike gets army to shoot as he is talking, pretends that the mountains are swarming with rebels. Plastic spears. Apparent interview with rebels. Brook attempts to put in something about 'Vietnam' in order to obtain interest in the dull article. None of the characters are concerned with telling the truth. The news station operates by satisfying the needs/expectations of the audience/employee. Telling them what they want to hear. Not the truth. All of it is about gaining credit, fulfilling their egos


- appear to report/interpret...
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