Frontal Lobe vs Amygdala

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  • Published : November 18, 2010
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Frontal Lobe/Amygdala Activity Quiz Experience

1. Purpose
-The purpose of the experiment was to determine which part of the brain different people use when accidentally bumped into. The experiment was done in various places to people of different genders so the experiment was more random. The prefrontal cortex was the part of the brain that reasoned with what was happening; when people use this part of their brains their reactions are milder. The amygdala (part of the limbic system) was the part of the brain that triggered an angry or annoyed response.

2. Hypothesis
-My original hypothesis, were that men in general would be more sympathetic to a teenage girl bumping into them then a woman would be.

3. Procedure
-I will go into a variety of stores and accidentally bump into the people online. After observing there reactions I’ll write them down on my handy data collection sheet to see if my hypothesis is true.

4. Observations
-On sheet

5. Summary
-After looking over my data collection sheet, I noticed that it is not a case of male or female, but when you apologize. When I apologized to the man before he turned around and said anything to me, he was extremely kind. When I said nothing until the lady at the pizza place said “Excuse me?” she didn’t find me sincere and rolled her eyes at me.

6. Errors
- The confounding variables in this experiment could have been that people that reacted badly were having a bad day to begin with. Also maybe the 30 year old man in the super market has a daughter and sympathizes a little more with a young girl bumping in to him.
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