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I. Method of reservation

The reception staff need a system that will enable them to
1. check whether a reservation request is possible,
2. record the booking,
3. retrieve the booking at the appropriate time

The immediate request is „ a room for tonight”
The future request is „ a room for next week, month or even if next year”

The reservation main forms are the following:
1. Letter: The guest writes to the hotel with their requirements and lenght of stay. The lead time is longer, the speed of communication is not so important. 2. Telepfone : the most common form, quick, easy to accessible 3. Personal: The direct face to face contact between the guest and the receptionist. 4. Computer terminal: This has been the fastest-growing method of booking in recent years. Three routs are possible: - dedicated company system: These are often linked to a ’call center’ which handles central reservations for all proerties, either in one country or throughout the world . -hibrid company/trade system: These are referred GDS system. This system terminals are installed in all travel agent offices throught the world. - Internet access: Increasingly hotels are taking space on Internet sites and offering guests the opportunity to book via this electronic method.

5. Fax: It combines the speed of the telephone with the permanence of a letter. Less opportunity for misunderstanding, confirmation of booking is instantaneous. IMPORTANT: a guest may book from America or Australia without having to check time zones to ensure that someone will be available to take the reservation.

Informations required for a reservation

The main questions when you booking a room:
1. When?: This is the date. The reservations department needs to clarify the exact date. 2. How long?: the length of the stay, How many day..ect. 3. Who?: The name, the title of the guest

4. What type of room?: The room types and names vary endlessly.

The hotel will respond these:
1. Price: The price depends upon When you want to stay, How long wish you stay for, How busy they expect to be?. 2. Conditions

The amount of information taken by reservations vary from company to company and location to location. Listed below are the various questions that may be asked: • Company - car reg number • Phone, fax number -credit card number • Address - nationality • Postcode - flight details • Arrival time - stayed before • Smoker / no smoker - frequency club number

These details will speed check-in on arrival and identify previous guest.

II. Recording bookings

The bulk of hotels now record booking via a computer terminal. Some small hotels may still use a booking diary and booking chart to record reservations.

Hotel diary

All reservations are entered in the diary under the arrival date. The diary is normally a large, loose-leaf ledger which is contantly update by the addition of new pages at the back, at the pages for each day’s arrivals are removed from the front.

Letter and fax reservations are normally entered straight into the diary.

Tour or group bookings are normally entered in the diary in the same way as a normal booking, although they obviously represent a large number of arrivals.

Reservation procedure

A diary is the most basic form of...
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