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Our hotel is a high-end Four Star hotel, situated in Istanbuls historical city centre, the Sultanahmet district. It is a modern business and leisure hotel with 250 rooms, designed to cater to young business and leisure travelers.

Istanbul is Turkey's largest industrial center, which brings in a lot of travelers. The European part of Istanbul is the home of many international companies and corporate offices. These corporations also provide disposable income for the local market, as they employ a significant figure of the population. Nowadays Istanbul is also a popular conference destination and is an increasingly popular choice for the world's leading international associations. Istanbul’s ever-expanding schedule of international events attracts visitors from all over the world. These are all links to our target market, which is business people, especially young and successful ones.

To provide guests with exceptional service and modern facilities is our mission. By focusing on leisure and business travelers we believe we can utilize our expertise and exceed guest expectations to the highest degree by anticipating our guests needs and wants. In order to maintain the highest level of consistency and quality we believe it is within our core values to treat our employees with the utmost level of respect and trust, ensure that we recognize our responsibilities to the community, and to provide our investors with a significant return on their investments.

Market segmentation will give us the opportunity to concentrate on our resources in markets, where our competitive advantage is at its greatest and therefore our returns will also be higher. The market segmentation strategy will focus on attracting mainly two different types of clientele, which are the younger business generation, and local people within the city that search for any form of leisure facilities of high standards. Many multinational companies have branches, for example Deutsche Bank, Pricewater, HouseCooper, Delloit, Shell and several other well-known corporations with offices in Istanbul, which brings in and out a lot of business traffic.

We aim to attract our target market by using distinct, and attractive marketing techniques, in order to create an exclusive hotel image and a modern brand in the minds of the targeted market. The primary target market for our hotel is the younger corporate business travelers. Having established our market, we are aware that such people usually search for corporate discounts if they visit frequently. Our hotel will be the ideal choice, as we will provide both exclusive facilities and discounts.

The secondary type of clientele refers to the leisure travelers and local people who seek leisure and forms of relaxation, such as gym, spa and sporting facilities. Istanbul is continuously developing, and becoming increasingly colourful in terms of its rich social, cultural, and commercial activities. Therefore creating a growing market due to the increasing disposable income among the local population. This will result in growing wealth, increased social and geographic mobility, and the rise of consumerism.

Istanbul is also one of the world's major conference destinations, and is an increasingly popular choice for the world's leading international associations. There is constantly something going on like pop concerts, ballet, opera, and theatre. The Istanbul International Film Festival is one of the most important film festivals in Europe. Istanbul Biennial is another major event of fine arts, which also contributes to our market as people attending such events require a place to stay, and they all may not be able to afford five star hotels, but also wish to stay somewhere luxurious, yet affordable.

The age range of our expected clientele ranges from 25-45, young successful professionals...
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