Front Desk Politics

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Front desk politics is the behavior or assigned power within an employing organization for the purpose of obtaining advantages beyond one’s legitimate authority. Front desk politics doesn’t really serve the company by which the worker or employee, instead these interactions are often based on the personality of the employee and their attempt to get ahead professionally or prevent others of doing so.

Friction in the workplace can be very stressful and counterproductive for everyone involved. At some point, in hospitality business, you must learn to handle work politics, be flexible or take risk of becoming a victim of the situation.

In this study the “Front Desk Politics “is also one of the political issues that really happen in hospitality industry. In the case of Molly and Jane and Sue as the middle person, it reflects all the political issues that start in their own personal views and intensions regarding money and attempt to go ahead professionally.

With this case, I will present my point of view on how ethics takes a major role concerning this issues that might be a big aid about the work politics using some of ethical theories.


It was stated at the case that Molly and Jane were friends before and she let all the banquet request go directly to Jane so she can get a full commission, but because they got a conflict Molly now automatically forward the request to Sue, the one in charge of the marketing and sales department and with that Jane’s get only half of the commission and the other half to Sue's staff member. These are other additional problems that may involve in this case.

I. Are there any ethical issues involved?

II. Is Molly treating Jane in an unethical manner? Or, is this just a case of office politics?

III. If you were the assistant manager, overseeing all these employees, would you see the situation as merely a practical question without ethical consequences? Or would you find yourself involved with ethical issues? Explain your answer.


In order to solve the problem in the case, alternative forces of action should be taken.

In question number I, if there any ethical issues involved, in the case like office politics, Molly still did the right thing of forwarding the request to the Marketing and Sales department, because that was supposed to be for the Sales and Marketing department know what transactions and other business related request happen to the hotel for proper bookkeeping.

In question number II, Molly is treating Jane appropriately, handling reports to the Sales and Marketing department and all the request is what is supposed to do in all business transaction, but in case of office politics Molly still do some office politics, taking advantages beyond one’s legitimate authority in a positive way, because it was stated that she wants a position in Sales and Marketing department to earn more money in Sales and Marketing department.

In question number III, if I were the assistant manager, in a professional way, I see Molly’s action appropriate in a way that she is just doing her job as a front desk agent. But putting in an ethical situation, Molly did all her office politics in a positive way, such as doing what is right, and what things are supposed to be professionally. IV. RESULT-CONLUSION

In question number I, it was found out that there is an ethical issues happening in the case, the end result might lead to affecting the work performance of the employee involve in the situation. Therefore, doing things professionally and learning to be flexible to handle office politics is the best way to avoid the majority of the fallout in the situation.

In question number II, If Jane feels that she was humiliated by the change of attitude of Molly towards her, resulting of friction in the workplace; she should approach Molly and resolve the situation, even...
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