Front Cover Discussion

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Front Cover Discussion

This month, on the front cover of the January Issue, we decided to feature a series of events and anniversaries that are due to happen in 2013. The children maybe familiar with some and not so much with others. Perhaps the cover itself can be a topic of discussion for an oral language lesson. Below are brief footnotes to each image featured. Enjoy the discussion! (From top, left to right)

The Gathering Ireland 2013:
One of the most exciting events of 2013 will last the entire year. The Gathering Ireland initiative aims to entice Irish emigrants and their families to return to Ireland during the year. It will do this by organising local events which include the NYE ball 2012, Galway Arts Festival, Killarney SummerFest and the Cork Film Festival. Let’s get our pens and markers at the ready to create the ‘Welcome Home’ signs!

First Mobile Phone Call:
We cannot imagine the world without the mobile phone, it is our access to the rest of the world, from sending messages and emails, to making calls and playing games; the mobile phone is quite simply one of the most incredible inventions ever. It was Dr. Martin Cooper who invented this little gem and rightfully so was the first person to ever make a call on a mobile phone. This revolutionary phone call took place in April 1973 – 40 years ago in the city of New York.

World Education Games:
WEG is an event held annually for all students and schools around the world in the month of March. This year it will be held between the 5th and 7th and will include over 6 million students from 240 countries. The games include World Maths Day, World Spelling Day and World Science Day – make sure to ask your teachers about this and see if you can be entered into it this year’s competition.

‘I Have A Dream’ Speech:
50 years ago this year, Martin Luther King delivered his most famous speech ‘I Have a Dream’, which is still to this day infamous around the world. The speech in which he dreamed that one day white and black children could walk hand in hand was important in giving greater attention to the Civil Rights Movement. The 17 minute speech made Congress move faster to pass the Civil Rights Act, which was finally passed the following year.

2013- International Year of Water (UN):
This year, the UN have named 2013 as the Year of Water Cooperation. This is a timely event as water meters and charges are set to be introduced in Ireland. Now more than ever, water conservation is something that we all should be thinking about and looking to implement. No better year to start than this.

Films 2013:
It’s wet and cold and you’re off school, what is there to do? Go to the cinema of course! 2013 sees the likes of ‘Walking with Dinosaurs 3D’, ‘Mr Peabody and Sherman’ (pictured), ‘The Little Mermaid 3D’, ‘The Smurfs 2’, Les Miserables (pictured), Thor (also pictured) and ‘Despicable Me 2’ coming to the big screen. Start saving your pocket money, because 2013 is going to be a busy year for the movie business industry.

Athletics World Championships:
Seeing the back of the London Games has brought sadness to our hearts as what we waited for four years came to an incredible end in August. Dry those tears because you don’t have to wait too long as the Athletics World Championships, held in Russia, will commence in August 2013 bringing with it the excitement created by the Olympics.

Dublin Lockout: 100 years ago
On the 26th of August 1913, a major industrial dispute between 20,000 workers and 300 employers took place in Dublin. One of the main reasons for the dispute was the atrocious circumstances in which Dublin’s poor lived. Poverty continued to grow in Dublin because of the lack of jobs for unskilled workers. The dispute lasted until 18th of January 1914 and this year is the 100th year anniversary.

Six Nations:
We all love a bit of rugby spirit around town when the boys in green are touch, pause and engaging in Lansdowne Road, but what do we...
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