From a Game of Polo with a Headless Goat

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  • Published : May 5, 2012
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IGCSE Revision Lecture Mrs S E Howells An extract from “A Game of Polo with a Headless Goat” by Emma Levine IGCSE English Assessment Objective 2 : Read with insight and engagement, making appropriate reference to texts and developing and sustaining interpretations of them. Warm up: Which phrase or sentence engages the reader’s attention the most in the opening few paragraphs? Explain how/why – which features of the language have a particular effect on the reader - analyse language techniques. Which sentence in the text seems to sum up how the writer is effective in using language to entertain the reader? Analyse it. 1. GASP Genre: Travel Writing Travel writing is autobiographical and aims to describe events, experiences, emotions in different locations and their impact on the writer. It is written to entertain, as well as to inform. Many of the techniques associated with autobiography are also used in travel writing. The ways in which locations are described also relate to the ways in which setting and atmosphere can be created by a writer of fiction eg a novel. Audience: People read travel writing for a variety of reasons. List them… How does this text create a relationship between the reader and the writer? How are you drawn into the narrative of events? Subject: Despite the misleading title, this text is clearly based on a donkey race, rather than a game polo with a headless goat! Levine travelled the world for a television series, in which she uncovered unusual and wacky sports around the globe. Purpose: To entertain To inform

2. AVI List the attitudes and ideas that Levine communicates in the text about the donkey race. How does she feel about it? How does this come through in her description of the people and the events? What does she seem to value about these kind of sports? Are they just completely ridiculous, or does she seem to enjoy the vibrancy, fun and humour associated with the events? Does she enjoy the culture that surrounds the race – energy,...
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