From A Basement on the Hill and School Life

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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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Farewell speech 1:-

In this farewell speech I am not saying goodbye to the five years I have spent here, for in every facet of school life we have left a mark and each experience can return upon reflection

These experiences compose the pages of our book of life. Tonight we, the authors of this book, are writing again. This graduation experience will become a part of it. If you re-read it some day, it will tell you of success. A success of symbolizing years of patience and encouragement on the part of our parents who have raised us, given us guidance in our quest for happiness and success; teachers who have helped us over this step in school life; our friends who are an essential part of your life.

To the students in the auditorium now, I say this. Live your life to the fullest and get every ounce of worth out of it. High school life will now open new doors for you. You will meet new friends and learn to get along with people, to give and to take. You will belong to athletic teams and will learn sportsmanship, learn acceptance of victory and defeat. Scholastically, more demands will be made of you. You will learn to take responsibility.

Make your years at high school full in every respect. You will never live these years again and there is so much to do. Prepare yourself now for the job to come or university life. Because there is more to learn, more people to meet, more demands. So very much is up to you.

Don't be discouraged by failure or disappointment. Failure is a challenge which we must all pick up and fight openly. In overcoming it, we add excitement and suspense to our story.

By learning everything I can from this world and its people, by doing everything I can for this world and its people, in years to come I may find the answers, the strength, whatever I see, when I reread what I have written--what you have helped me to write.

Tonight I believe that I have stated my preface, the reason for writing my book. If I have fulfilled my...
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