From the House of Magic Interpretation Paper

Topics: Magic, Ceremonial magic, Debut albums Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: September 30, 2012
From the House of Magic

The poem From the Houses of Magic is one, that raises many questions. What is the true meaning of this piece of literature that has been around for so long? Many speculations have been made, and another is about to arise form the depths of a young mind. This poem is one that reveals the heavens as well as the deep depths of hell, and the journey one takes in life. When the poem first starts off it explains the magical being coming down and embodying an animal with antlers. It talks about the strength it gathers, but then starts running way; trembling even. It has to run away from the evil humans who are attacking the animal with bows and arrows. This is symbolic, because in that stanza it shows how even the strongest animal, or being can be broken down and frightened. It also shows the evil inside man to attack the animal. While it is getting chased, it runs into the swamp. The swamp provides protection, and shows the peace that always comes after the evil actions of others. It especially details the dragonfly that skims over the water; exemplifying the freedom the dragonfly has with its wings. The poem then in line seventeen starts to talk about the end of the day. The darkness is coming upon it, and it is headed into the singing place. The poem also mentions wearing cactus flowers, which represents the strength again of the magical being having been chased and then running into the safe haven that is the swamp. Then the animal becomes a magical being again and starts the chant with the eagle feather. The magical being is then going back up to heaven. It is rejoiced, and starts to sing, and it's heart even begins to glow with happiness. He is one again with the heavens. The sky shows its happiness by giving off a rainbow the rest of the people can see from earth. It returns to its burrow, watches the flowers bloom, and looks at all the beauty created. The magical being has four eagle feathers, and when he turns with them his magic...
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