From Saxons to Spiderman

Topics: Beowulf, Superhero, Spider-Man Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Modern society values integrity and loyalty. What is integrity? Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. The first and most notable similarity is drinking. King Hrothgar built a giant mead-hall, namely Heorot, to accommodate his celebrations. Throughout Beowulf it can be seen that celebrations of any kind are always accompanied by drinking. Drinking is just present today as it was thousands of years ago. People today always include drinking in their celebrations, whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or marriage. Heorot is nothing more than a tremendous bar. The festivities of the warriors in Beowulf’s time can be seen every night in any local bar or pub. Entertainment today is very different from back in the day. Media today gives the impression that this violence is normal. This message, which all these forms of entertainment are sending out, is what is causing the real violence in society.

Anglo-Saxons valued strength because those who were strong could protect the tribe, and by valuing strength they encouraged to mean to keep getting stronger, building up their protection. During the Anglo-Saxon period, pride was worth its weight in gold, figuratively and literally. BBC News states, “The angles, Saxons, and the jutes had taken over most of the area east of a line from the number to the Isle of Wight” (BBC News.) Men who were prideful were the men who dominated in battle. Victory in battle meant respect from one’s tribe; it also meant the spoils of war, often gold. Even in today’s society pride is still considered a good emotion. Although, modern society does hold the belief that there should be a limit to one’s pride, contrary to Anglo-Saxon beliefs. The Anglo-Saxons believed that pride was a measure of one’s success in life. In Anglo-Saxon society, pride was a major factor behind the actions of men. Warriors who were victorious in battle were prideful due to their achievements....
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