From Rags to Riches: That Story

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  • Published : May 17, 2012
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From Rags to Riches: That Story
From a young age, young girls read stories and fairy tales about how the beautiful girl meets Prince Charming. They get married, and live happily ever after. This idea for girls, that one day they will meet their knight in shining armor and live a happy life together, is a warped view of the real world. That will also make their expectations somewhat higher about what their dream guy will be like when they do meet him. Anne Sexton’s, “Cinderella”, can be analyzed using Feminist criticism based on the way that Sexton dislikes this “perfect ending” scenario and that women do not need to marry a rich man to be successful.

Sexton starts off the poem with a few scenarios where people become rich in different ways, but still go from “rags to riches” fairly easily in each scenario. A few of the scenarios are things such as “…the nursemaid, some luscious sweet from Denmark/who captures the oldest son’s heart. /From diapers to Dior. / That story.” (5-10) There is also a milkman who goes into real estate and becomes rich and a charwoman who collects insurance from her broken bus. Those three are all examples of how people’s expectations of what their lives will be, or at least what they want their lives to be like. With all of the fairy tales that are heard today and told to young children, at some point in time people are going to expect too much from life and think that everything is going to end with a “happily ever after” like fairy tales do. It also warps women’s idea of how their lives will turn out as well. Because young girls are so deluded by the thought of meeting their “Prince Charming” and will live “happily ever after” like in the stories, who knows how her life will actually turn out after having her mind warped as well as her expectations of love and marriage. Also, young women’s expectations for love will also be warped and deluded. Love does not always happen on the spot, as it is told in “Cinderella”. The first example...
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