From Prosperity to Chaos Animal Farm Essay

Topics: Animal Farm, Dystopia, Ten Commandments Pages: 6 (2455 words) Published: May 31, 2013
From Prosperity to Chaos
Animal Farm Essay

From Prosperity to Chaos
Animal Farm, written by George Orwell is a magnificent novel that teaches the affect power has on an individual. The story unfolds in a sequence of events leading to a question, how would the story unfold for Napoleon if Old Major had never passed? Would the story become the imagined utopian society? These questions are tuff to answer because of what had happened during the story. The book had started off with Old Major as the leader of the animals, he is the one who started the whole movement for the animals to rebel against the humans and have their own society with their own commandments. The Old Major had imagined the farm to prosper into a utopian society and also to help his cause, he created the Beasts of England. This is a song that the animals had sung every day and after every accomplishment, to prove that they are no longer in captivity and are free animals. Just like any other society, this farm also had rules which were the seven commandments. These commandments were to ensure that all the animals were equal and they never practiced the ways of the humans. The seven commandments were: “whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy, whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings is a friend, no animal shall wear clothes, no animal shall sleep in a bed, no animal shall drink alcohol, no animal shall kill any other animal and all animals are equal.”(Orwell, 9) After Old Majors death, Snowball and Napoleon had taken over has the leaders of the farm, this is also around the time, the utopian society ideal, started to fade away. Snowball does not last long as Napoleon chases him off with a bunch of vicious dogs that had nearly killed him. With Napoleon in power, a lot of changes were made around the farm and to the commandments, to favor the pigs. Napoleon created tremendous amounts of inequality and also used violence to keep the animals in fear, so they don’t act against Napoleon. Napoleon had also done many things to occupy the animals time such as the construction of the windmill and showing the animals TV. He does this so they are distracted from him committing deeds that go against the commandments, such as drinking alcohol, communicating with humans and sleeping on a bed. By the end of the novel, Napoleon only leaves one commandment for everyone to follow which is, four legs good, two legs better. Also towards the end of the novel, Napoleon starts behaving as if he was human as well, as he stands on his two hind legs and hosts a banquet at the farm for the humans. It is evident throughout history that no two leaders are the same, the same goes for the case with Old Major and Napoleon. Due to the change in leadership, the seven commandments altered drastically over the course of the novel resulting in mayhem for Animal Farm as the society that Old Major created was equal and just, through the seven commandments, creating a utopian society and the book ended off with the seven commandments being rearranged drastically because of Napoleon, creating a dystopian society. The society that the great Old Major had imagined was where there were no humans to order them and make them act like slaves. It is also a place where all the animals would be treated like equals. According to Old Major, the image built for how the farm would be is because of the seven commandments, symbolizing a utopian society, much like Sugarcandy Mountain. Each commandment played a crucial role to build the utopian society. The commandment that stood out of the seven would have to be the seventh commandment. This rule states that “all animals are equal.” Old Major ensures that every animal on the farm is to be treated as equals and so no animal is above another. This commandment is made so all the animals can live in harmony as no problems would occur because of power struggles. This commandment relates to communism, a political ideology still practiced by a few countries such as...
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