“from Now on, Let Women Kill Their Own Spiders”

Topics: Communication, Gender, Problem solving Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: April 18, 2012
``Why do men open a drawer and say, `Where is the spatula?’ instead of, you know, looking for it?''. This is an excerpt from the article “From Now On, Let Women Kill Their Own Spiders” that the author, Dave Berry, attempts to answer. He says that even though men have problems, women can’t be called perfect either. Both genders have their faults, and they should realize these imperfections to not only better themselves, but also their relationships. It is a lack of communication skills that Barry credits the problems in men and women’s relationships. He says that this communication breakdown that happens between couples is what usually leads to bickering and fighting among the genders. I personally agree with the author that communication is key between men and women because it reduces negativity towards people, solves problems in society, and in particular, prevents disputes between genders. First of all, effective communication must be established to reduce negativity towards people. For example, the initial question asked by Susie Walker of North Augusta, S.C. inferring that men are incompetent and far less than women provokes negative feelings in both men and women. Moreover, Barry responds to the question in a satirical negative way as well. To illustrate, he first states that he could, but will not indulge in Susie’s example of negativity and then he makes a comment of how dense women can be sometimes. This just shows how one negative comment can start a whole chain of unyielding negativity between people. For instance, a personal example can be taken from my place of employment, Wegmans. Namely, the instance when I cashed out a customer who was ranting about how much the customer service in the store was lacking. I tried to clear things up by explaining our policies to her, but she just scoffed at me and walked away. Consequently, this run-in with the upset customer not only left me a bit irritated, but also everyone else who received my negativity later...
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