From Big City to Small Town Usa

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From Big City to Small Town USA
I came from a city that never sleeps, to a town that is impossible to get a decent meal after 9:00 o’clock. I grew up in Queens New York, which has a population of over two million people in a geographical area that is physically the same size as Gautier and Pascagoula, Mississippi, which has a population of over twenty thousand people. Talk about a culture shock! The living conditions in the big city compared to the small town are like night and day. There must be over one hundred different nationalities in Queens, but I have been living in Gautier for over three years where I have only seen four or five different nationalities. I came from the fast- paced life of the big city to the mellow way of life in the small town USA.

A difference between Queens and Gautier is that in Queens New York, about 95% of the stores and restaurants are open twenty four hours a day. You can walk in to any store and restaurant at any time of the day or night and get a decent meal, or any kind of food you can think of. The city of Queens has the best Greek food, Chinese, Italian and any type of Spanish food like; Puertorican food, Cuban, Mexican, and I cannot forget about the twenty four hour Chimichuri trucks that stand around the city of Queens with the best Dominican food. On the other hand, in the small town of Gautier Mississippi, I cannot walk into a store or restaurant after 11:00 o'clock P.M., not even a fast food restaurant because, everything is closed. In the city of Gautier, there is not a variety of stores or restaurants at all, but I’ve have been to some excellent places for Barbeque and steaks.

Another difference between Queens and Gautier is the living conditions. In the city of Queens it’s dramatically different to the city of Gautier. I went from a tiny one bedroom apartment on the sixth floor in Queens; I was paying eleven hundred dollars a month. It was one big room, with a small bathroom, no laundry room, no garage, and I had...
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