From an Evolutionary Perspective, What Are the Ultimate Explanations for Murder? How Do These Make Sense of the Proximate Triggers for Murder?

Topics: Evolutionary psychology, Human, Sex Pages: 6 (2474 words) Published: December 3, 2010
Why humans murder other humans is a question of insightful concern and practical importance, one that needs a successful scientific explanation. Evolutionary theory has explanations of why murder occurs, the circumstances in which it occurs, and the psychological mechanisms dedicated to murder. Murder is unlawful killing of another human being. As William Blackstone stated the common law definition of murder is ‘when a person, of sound memory and discretion, unlawfully killeth any reasonable creature in being and under the king's peace, with malice aforethought, either express or implied’. A person kills for a number of reasons. Gang members kill rival gang members for a higher status among their community, more respect in their gang resulting in them getting more sexual partners. Thieves kill their victim incase that person cause them trouble in the future. Husbands kill their wives for having an affair or been expected of having an affair. They kill their wives incase their wife reproduces children with a rival male. Children are abused by people that have too much anger or people that may have been abused in there own childhood; they do this to make themselves feel inferior. Children may also be abused and murdered by step-parents more often than biological parents, as in evolutionary psychology these children are no good to their step-parents as they do not carry their step-parents genetic traits, therefore are useless to them. Men in barrooms with the influence of alcohol, things can get out of control resulting in the men fighting to be the better male. Ancestors would fight to the death to prove they are the stronger male. People kill other people in every culture in the world. In evolutionary psychology, the belief is humans are just like animals, we have evolved to be as we are. As humans murder for wealth/possessions, sex, and status/respect in the community, animals do too. Adult chimps fight to the death to claim their reproductive partner, show they are the stronger male and the better choice for the female as they will be able to provide for her and protect her and their off-spring from harm; lions kill to be known as the king of the jungle, they take over a pride and kill the young so that there wont be competition when that lion has off-spring of his own. This essay will explore from an evolutionary perspective, what the ultimate explanation for murder is, and if these explanations make sense of the proximate triggers for murder. Biology and cognitive psychology are the two sciences combined together to explain evolutionary psychology. Evolutionary psychology is the science that explains why humans act the way they do. It is the explaining the problems that our ancestors faced in their ancient environments, and the problem-solving methods they created to solve their difficulties. From these reformed problem-solving modifications, the science then attempts to establish the common roots of our ancestor’s behaviors, and how those common behavioral roots are evidenced today in all the different cultures of the world. The purpose of evolutionary psychology is to understand human behavior that is worldwide aimed at the passing of individual’s genes into the next generation. Evolutionary psychology can be explained from the actions of animals in there environment as humans have evolved from animals. Evolutionary psychology is not only about humans evolving from animals but also the need for humans to reproduces and how humans go about sexual selection, so they can reproduce with that person. If evolutionary psychology is built from biology psychology does this mean biologically we are murders? This is a very controversy subject, many say 100% no, but we are all animals evolved to be as we are. But biology does not explain why some people murder while other people do not. If murder was in our blood would we not all be murders.

The question at hand here is if there is an explanation for murder from an...
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