Frito Lay

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George M. Cyrus Jr

Module 2 Case Assignment

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Let’s look at how the potato chip came to be. In 1853 the first potato chip was invented by a chef at the Saratoga Springs New York resort in 1853. It was created because one of the customers at the resort keep sending them back because they were too thick, soggy and had no taste to it. Crum then decided to fry them and sprinkled them with salt for taste. They were soon a regular item on the menu. Later, around the 1920’s they then moved from restaurants to being massed produced. Once they came up with a way to keep them fresh and from breaking up, they were able to put them into mass production 1920‘s. Frito Lay was created in 1938 by Herman Lay. Frito Lay is one of the leading potato chip companies in the United States for many years. They continue to post recording breaking numbers in all of their brands. One of their enduring brands is the Lays potato chips. These potato chips can be found in many different flavors. The currently are barbecue, sour cream and onion, ranch and many others. However, this industry is highly competitive and there are large manufactures that have many types of products and other snacks. Smaller companies have found a way to compete with the larger companies. These small companies have gained footing by introducing the new healthier chips that are now being sold in health food stores. A lot of concern about the Salt content is what enable smaller companies to compete. They focused on these healthier brands and have introduced a product that is totally opposite of the major brands. Lays has also added Dips to their brand. They currently consist of Ranch, French onion and etc. This was created because dip is consistently served with potato chips at events such as birthday parties, foot ball parties, luncheons and etc. Frito Lay Extended Enterprise Supply Chain...
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