Friendship (a Persuasive Essay)

Topics: Emotion, Love, Friendship Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: December 5, 2010

Imagine, for a moment, that you are a new child, in an unfamiliar place, full of invisible faces that stare at you as you walk past them. Your face buried in a map so that you can find your way through your new environment and you continuously bump into strangers who do not offer a supporting hand to guide you on your way. You are lost, and you do not know what to do. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a hand comes right in front of your path, grasping yours, and leading the way to safety and happiness. It is your first friend. Friendship is the greatest gift you can give someone to ensure mental, emotional, and social aspects for not only your own, but someone else’s life in the process.

Everyone needs one good, true friend to stay mentally healthy. Having been proven by scientific experiments studied by Harvard Medical students, if a true friend is available to you, you can relinquish your thoughts and emotions to in order to relieve stress from your brain. Scientists agree that stress releases chemicals changes throughout your brain, and that these changes could influence your health. With a friend there for you, you are able to prevent stress from depleting your energy to even decreasing the stress that can build up cancer cells. Knowing such a thing, can you not see that your friend is saving your life over and over again? How nice is that? Friends are essential to your life.

Everyone needs one good, true friend to stay emotionally healthy. Especially for children, having a friend along for the long run is not only nutritious to your emotional state, but as well as for your physical state as well. Common knowledge shows that without the required love or mutual feeling of friendship towards a human being cause’s complications when it comes to probing further in intellectual discoveries or inhibits one from gaining any social connections. Having a friend, or even better, multiple friends, can improve your emotional state in vast like ways, such as...
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