Friendship Is a Word with Many Meanings. What Does Friendship Mean to You?

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Friendship is a word with many meanings. What does friendship mean to you?

Friendship always played an important role for people It is obvious because people are social beings and they need to communicate. However we all think differently and it is significant how people distinguish friendship from other relationships. A question arises : what can friendship mean? What does it mean for me in particularly?

It is generally believed that friendships are relationships between people who share the same feelings, interests and attitudes. Some people really care about it. It is essential for them to know each other inside out, to have a lot in common. They believe there are their ups and downs in their relationships, but they are sure that a friend will always be there for them. In their opinions friendship means a lot.

Another point of view on meaning of friendship differs. Some people are not so sensitive and considerate. But they believe they have a lot of friends. For them a friend is someone who you chat on the Internet with, or who shops with you.  These friendships are also based on the thought that they may never meet again in real life.

In conclusion people understand meaning of friendship differently. But one thing is true for all of us. It matters everybody needs a friend. First of all everyone has to appreciate people who are close to you. It is not important whether you contact with each other online or face-to-face. As far as I can see, my friends are parts of my life. In addition I want to have the ability to be myself and to make my own mistakes without fear of judgement. So if I give everything I expect my friend to do the same. We just have to try to be true support for our friends.
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