Friendship Ending

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Nhat Nguyen
Bixler/ ESL 102
Friendship Ending
“A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world.” This quote by Leo Buscaglia, an American author, professor and motivational speaker, describes the importance and beauty of friendship. Everyone has friends, and friends slowly become part of our daily lives because of their supportiveness and acceptance of us. However, the reality is that friendship is not always everlasting. In the article “The Friendship Bond,” Mary Brown Parlee writes about the benefits and the power of friendships. She also points out two main reasons that cause a friendship to end: betraying one another or having differences in each other’s point of view. By showing those reasons, Parlee wants to let readers know that even though a friendship looks very strong from the outside, it’s fragile, and people involve in that relationship can easily break it. Personally, I believe that there are many reasons which can lead a friendship to an end. Being betrayed by another friend is the first reason for the friendship ending. According to Parlee, the most important quality of friendship is trust. It means without believing in each other, friendship cannot exist between people. For instance, when I was in tenth grade, I used to have a friend, John, whom I totally believed in, and I told him everything about myself. One time, I told John that I liked a girl in our class and reminded him not to tell anyone because I knew that she would feel awkward around me when she found out that I liked her. He promised. The day after, some of my classmates came to me and asked me how much I liked her and if I thought they could help me. I was shocked because I didn’t want them to know. Finally, I heard from another classmate that John told them about how I liked this girl. Sadly, some of my other secrets, which only John knew, were also known by a couple of friends. I was extremely mad at him and told myself that I should not tell him any of my...
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