Friendship and Bishop

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The Bishops Candlesticks By Class IX A by Norman McKinnel

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

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THE BISHOP’S CANDLESTICKS SCENE : The kitchen of the BISHOP’S cottage. It is plainly but substantially furnished. Doors R. and L. and L. c. Window R. c. Fireplace with heavy mantelpiece down R. Oak settee with cushions behind door L. C. Table in window R. c. with writing materials and crucifix (wood). Eight-day clock R. of window. Kitchen dresser with cupboard to lock, down L. Oak dining table R. c. Chairs, Books, etc. Winter wood scene without. On the mantelpiece are two very handsome candlesticks which look strangely out of place with their surroundings. MARIE and PERSOME discovered. MARIE stirring some soup on the fire. PERSOME laying the cloth, etc. PERSOME. Marie, why isn’t the soup boiling yet? It ought to be. You haven’t tended the fire properly, child. MARIE. But, Madam, you yourself made the fire up. PERSOME. Don’t answer me back like that. It is rude. MARIE. Yes, Madam. PERSOME. Then don’t let me have to rebuke you again. MARIE. No, Madam. PERSOME. I wonder where my brother can be. It is after eleven o’clock (looking at the clock} and no sign of him. Marie, did Monseigneur the Bishop leave any message for me ? MARIE. No, Madam. PERSOME. Did he tell you where he was going ? MARIE. Yes, Madam. PERSOME. " Yes, Madam " (imitating). Then why haven’t you told me, stupid! MARIE. Madam didn’t ask me. PERSOME. But that is no reason for your not telling me is it? MARIE. Madam said only this morning I was not to chatter, so I thought... PERSOME. Ah mon Dieu, you thought! Ah ! It is hopeless.




MARIE. Yes, Madam. PERSOME. Don’t keep saying " Yes, Madam," like a parrot, Nincompoop. (MARIE nods) Well. Where did Monseigneur say he was going ? MARIE. To my mother’s, Madam. Monseigneur asked me how she was, and I told him she was feeling poorly. PERSOME. You told him she was feeling poorly, did you ? And so my brother is to be kept out of his bed, and go without his supper because you told him she was feeling poorly. There’s gratitude for you ! MARIE. Madam, the soup is boiling! PERSOME. Then pour it out, fool, and don’t chatter. (MARIE about to do so) No, no. Not like that, here let me do it, and do you put the salt cellars on the table the silver ones. MARIE. The silver ones, Madam ? There are sold. PERSOME. Sold ! (with horror) sold? Are you mad ? Who sold them ? Why were they sold ? MARIE. Monseigneur the Bishop told me this afternoon while you were out to take them to Monsieur Gervais who has often admired them, and sell them for as much as I could. PERSOME. But you had no right to do so without asking me. MARIE. But, Madam, Monseigneur the Bishop told me. (with awe) PERSOME. Monseigneur the Bishop is a-ahem ! but, but what can he have wanted with the money! MARIE. Pardon, Madam, but I think it was for Mere Gringoire, for the rent. The bailiff would not wait any longer and threatened to turn her out to-day if it were not paid, so she sent little Jean to Monseigneur to ask for help andPERSOME. Mere Gringoire indeed. Mere Gringoire! What, the old witch who lives at the top of the hill, and who says she is bedridden because she is too lazy to do any work? Oh mon Dieu! It is hopeless, hopeless. We shall have nothing left. His estate is sold, his savings have gone. His furniture, everything. Were it not for my little dot we should starve, and now my beautiful-beautiful (sob) salt cellars. Ah, it is (CONTINUED)



too much, too much. (she breaks down crying) MARIE. Madam, I am sorry, if I had knownPERSOME. Sorry and why, pray? If Monseigneur the Bishop chooses to sell his salt cellars he may do so, I suppose. MARIE. Yes, Madam, (going towards R.) (Enter the BISHOP, c.) BISHOP.(rubbing his shoulders and brushing snow off them) Ah! It is worth going out in the cold for the sake of the...
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