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Q1) what do you think of the company guiding principles? Describe how the company’s guiding principles would influence how a barista at a local Starbucks store does his or her job. How these principle would influence how one of the company s top executives does his or her job. Answer: Starbucks guiding principle clearly describes the mission and purpose of Starbucks existence. They describe that Starbucks is not just selling Coffee and earning profit, Starbucks is all about providing people with a second place between their home and work where they can enjoy quality coffee and a sense of community life. It is a place where the employees are not just employees but defined as Partners in business. Every partner of the company understands that hero she represents Starbucks. Employees act as if the Starbucks franchise was their own business, Starbucks accepts and embraces diversity from various regions and motivate employees, no matter from where they belong. “We aren’t in the coffee business, serving people. We’re in the people business, serving coffee”“We know that our people are the heart and soul of our success.” That’s the philosophy of Howard Schultz that has shaped and continues to shape the company. The six guiding principles of Starbucks or we can say the six pillars for the success of Starbucks also puts a lot of emphasizes on customer satisfaction and treating their partners (employees) well and fulfilling their corporate social responsibility. Their guiding principles clearly reflect their philosophy. The important thing that Starbucks realizes is that they can be extremely profitable and competitive and at the same time be respected for treating their employees well. I think that these are the guiding principles that can be and should be applied to all the businesses. These are the six keys to success for any organization if applied. These guiding principles affect barista’s (bartenders) working at Starbucks in a positive manner. This influences barista to deal positively with customers. As the guiding principles state that:“  Develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all of the time. ” So he will ensure to provide the best quality service in order to satisfy the customer each and every time. Also another guiding principle: “  Provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity.” This guides him to treat his fellow employees well and to treat them with equal respect and dignity. These principles guide top management to maintain high moral among employees and ensure greater customer satisfaction. And realize their responsibility towards the environment and society and assume responsibility for their actions and to contribute positively towards the community. These principles would also lead the top management to embrace diversity as an essential component. Q2) Do you think Howard Schultz views his role more from the omnipotent or from the symbolic perspective? Explain.

Answer: The Role of Schultz in Starbucks was more of an “Omnipotent” One because he was the one who lead the organization towards its goals. He was directly responsible for the major decisions making. His vision and ideas clearly reflect what Starbucks working principles are and his values continues to shape what Starbucks is now. He gave the basic principles around which revolve the whole organization. His ideas about the great work environment, diversity and higher standards of excellence, providing a second home to his customers resulted in the phenomenal success of Starbucks and it vividly shows that he was directly responsible for its success and failure. We cannot say that Howard Schultz views his management roles as being completely omnipotent or symbolic; his view also shows glimpses of a symbolic view. As he claims that “We know our people are the heart and soul of our success.” He totally relies on their employees as he calls them partners in business. He believes that a strongly and knowledgeable workforce...
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