Friends (Classification Essay )

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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A quirky sense of humor, great advice, and honesty are all things that come to mind when you think about a friend. Friends are important to have because they are a backbone when things get tough in life and are always there to love and support. However, anyone who has spent time with friends will notice that each one has a special personality with respect to their honesty, loyalty, and care. Basically, friend types can be fallen into four groups; acquaintances, school or activity friends, and best friends. 

The first type of friend is an acquaintance. That is, you only know their name. Sometimes you might not even remember them if you go away for vacation. Usually you meet these people in school, at work, or on the bus. When they are anywhere, you don’t miss them. We meet a lot of of people in the school or class. These school acquaintances are nice people to talk but there is never an effort to do anything more than that. We see many people in the work. Sometimes we speak them compulsorily and we don’t remember even their face. While we are on the bus, we come across some people who get on the bus regulars like us. Therefore we call them as an acquaintance.

The second type of friend is school or activity friends. School or activity friends are people that you make a special effort to talk to at school or at different after school activities like a sports team, swim or music lesson, or other hobbies. Remember that they are not just kids in your class or on your team. They would be acquaintances. School or activity friends are kids you make a special point to talk to everyday. You talk about your school or team, but also talk about other things like family, favorite things, jokes, etc. You might see these friends outside of school or your team, like at each other’s house, going to a movie, meeting at the arcade, or the park.

The last type of friend is best friends. They are very important for us, because we share with them some things which are...
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