Friends Affecting Happiness

Topics: Sociology, Happiness, Friendship Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Does This Social Network Make Me Look Fat?

This article talks a lot about how things around us affect us, and how some things around us don’t affect us. We are only affected by major things that we care about. We are affected by our friends but usually only our closest friends affect our moods. Usually if their sad our mood changes as well, because we are directly affected by them. As stated in “Does This Social Network Make Me Look Fat?” People, who have a friend that just became obese, are 171% more likely to become obese themselves. Suzy makes Betty eat poorly. And then Betty makes Jane eat poorly. And Jane makes Ann eat poorly. Suzy does not know Jane or Ann, but Suzy’s behavior and actions are influencing the interaction between Jane and Ann. So don’t be the one to start your friend’s obesity chain. Money Won't Buy You Happiness

Many people believe that having lots of wealth, will make you happy but this is usually very far from the truth. Being wealthy or winning money brings you happiness in the moment but it doesn’t “Make you Happy” it only lasts for a little while. This isn’t true for everyone though, because some people that are wealthy become happy, because they feel a higher status which makes them happy. Many people that are extremely wealthy simply have no idea what to do with their money. They also feel like everyone is only being nice to them because of their money and half of the time they are right. Being that wealthy can make you very stressed out and feeling like you are alone.

The hidden influence of social networks
When a man dies his wife is way more likely to die from the grief, and being sad because they have no sense of life anymore. This is called the widowhood affect. The widowhood affect can reach into friendship and family, it’s not only just with your spouse. Every friend and family member’s happiness affects your own happiness. This also happens with obesity. Obesity happens the same way as your mood changes. People, who...
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