Friendly Letter

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A letter contains five parts:
1. The Heading. The heading of a letter contains the address of the writer and the date the letter was written. The heading is written a little to the right of the center of the paper, about an inch from the top. Begin each word in the heading with a capital letter. Place two commas in the heading, one to separate the day of the month from the year. Examples:

1. 100 Capitol Street
Pasig, Rizal
December 8, 19…
2. Plaridel, Bulacan
July 8, 19...
2. The Salutation. The salutation is the greeting at the beginning of the letter. The salutation varies with the nature of the letter and the relationship between the writer and the person to whom the letter is written. Remember that the salutation of a friendly letter consists of only one line. It is written on the left hand margin a few spaces below the heading. Begin the first word of salutation and the name of the person with a capital letter. The words dear and dearest are not capitalized unless they are the first words in the salutation. Examples:

My dear Emily
Dear Mother and Father
3. The Body of the Letter. The body of the letter is the important part of the letter. It contains whatever the writer wants to say. Some suggestions for the body of the letter are the following: 1. Be courteous. Whatever your letter is formal or informal, observe rules of courtesy and good breeding. Never be rude. Never hurt another’s feelings. 2. Write simply and naturally. If you are writing a formal letter, go to the point and do not waste time by including unimportant or not pertinent material. In a friendly letter, write as if your friend were really before you and you are talking to him. 3. Make friendly letters as interesting as possible. Make them amusing, lively, real. A letter is like visit. Try to be your most interesting self in your letter. 4. Indent the first word in every paragraph about 1 inch from the margin. 5. Introduce every new subject in your...
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