Friedrich Goerdeler and Ludwig Beck

Topics: Adolf Hitler, World War II, World War I Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: March 18, 2013
The two people in this week’s article are very much connected to each other, as they were both a part of the coup d’état on July 20, 1944. Carl Friedrich Goerdeler and Ludwig Beck played very important roles in the Resistance because of their prominent positions. Goerdeler was a Mayor of Leipzig in the Third Reich, and Beck was a Colonel General in the Army Chief of Staff. The two worked together for the same cause, but each had their viewpoints on the war.

The rearmament of Germany was a surprising detail that the League of Nations overlooked in their appeasement towards Germany. Colonel General Ludwig Beck was not against rearmament, but he was against action that eventually led to war. Hitler had in mind to conquer Czechoslovakia through military action fairly quickly in the regime, and Beck, with his expertise and military experience, strongly advised Hitler not to. Germany was barely getting back on its feet from the First World War, and Beck was determined not to allow the same thing to happen again. He points out that politics usually is the cause for a loss of a war, or even the cause of war. That is why he believed “that the political leader must be a moral person who must ultimately submit to his own inner ethical code, his conscience. (Beck)” Hitler definitely was not a moral person of any sort, as seen by the way he took out his anger on the Jewish people. He may have been influenced by General Ludendorff, who served in the First World War. Ludendorff’s ideas were very shrewd; it was an idea called “total” war, which was a war of extermination. Beck believed this sort of conflict could be peacefully resolved and “total” war be avoided completely with politics founded on a basis of a new moral idealism, which improved the state and foreign affairs. Beck simply believed so because Ludendorff’s ideas were not justified with a purpose and never led to good peace. Even with many rich opportunities coming his way, Carl Friedrich Goerdeler resigned and...
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