Friedman Family Assessment

Topics: Nursing, Florence Nightingale, Nurse Pages: 4 (1546 words) Published: April 24, 2013 Nightingale’s Legacy
At Scutari, Nightingale developed the first modern hospital nursing, pharmacy, laundry and nutrition services. Her meticulous record keeping was the forerunner of today’s medical records and epidemiology. She established the principle that triage should be based on medical need and not status, rank or religion. And while she was obviously a compassionate caregiver, she was also a tough-minded manager who calculated and then reduced cost per patient day. As Mark Bostridge wrote in his recent biography Florence Nightingale: The Making of an Icon: "By the end of the war, the Scutari hospitals had been transformed into efficiently organized, smooth-running operations." Nightingale largely disappeared from public view upon her return to England in 1856, but her work did not end there. She was the guiding light for the first school of nursing, which to this day bears her name, and her book Notes on Nursing inspired future generations of nurses. She designed the first building to be constructed specifically as a hospital. Her extraordinary ability to marshal facts, build a team and influence public opinion led to dramatic improvements in the British military health service and for public health in what was then the British colony of India. She was a dedicated advocate for preventive medicine, and for the health care rights of soldiers and veterans. Leadership Principles for Cultural Transformation

Most health care managers have implemented processes to hard wire accountability. That’s important, but it’s not enough. We also need to soft wire values. Given the challenges confronting us today, hospitals need to move from a culture of accountability toward a culture of ownership. No one ever changes the oil in a rental car; we fill the gas tank because we’re accountable for doing so, but changing the oil is "not my job."...
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