Fridays Bartender: Job Overview and Selection

Topics: Bartender, Cocktail, Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Pages: 3 (769 words) Published: February 1, 2012
Fridays Bartender
Job Overview and Selection

Fridays offers a casual dining experience unlike any other, where you can expect great drinks, food, and plenty of fun. Friday’s is exceptionally focused on what the customer’s needs are and wants every customer to walk out happy. In order to remain successful, we need to retain current customers and generate customer loyalty from new customers. We have analyzed that we need to hire 3 bartenders mainly for the weekends in Tyson’s Corner location. Friday’s in Tyson’s corner has 15 waiters, one manager, one assistant manager, and three supervisors. The field of bartending requires at least some kind experience. “The main job of a bartender is to know the regular drinks and be able to mix them precisely and quickly.” There are so many different alcoholic drinks made from different combinations of ingredients, and each drink can be made in many different ways depending on the customers. Bartenders are also required to check identifications of customers to make sure they meet the minimum drinking age. At Friday’s the bartenders also fill drink orders and the drinks are served by the waiters. In addition bartenders also have to arrange bottles, wash glasses, and are required to keep the bar area clean at all times. Some knowledge, skills and abilities required for this position are as follows: customer and personal service, psychology, mathematics, active listening, speaking, social perceptiveness, service orientation, critical thinking, reading comprehension, and last but not least memorization. Along with the skills, knowledge, and abilities this job also requires some experience with tools and technology. Be familiar with point of sale POS terminal, internet browser software, and data base user interface and query software. As for the tools be familiar with bar code reader equipments, cocktail shaker commercial use cutlery, ice shaver machine, and carbonated beverage dispenser. We do not require ever...
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