Frida Khalo

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Her life can be described as that of a suffering female, a childless woman, and a mistreated wife. During the course of her life she painted many portraits reflecting her inner emotions. Many people said that she lived dying. Without a doubt, Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) was one of the most influential artists of Mexico in the middle twentieth century. Using self-portraiture to announce herself and explore the tangled realm of her feelings, Kahlo's unworldly art teaches much about the nature of pain and suffering, as well as the impact of a biracial backgrounds. But beyond the classic interpretations of her work lie a more mysterious phenomenon, for Kahlo has become a cult figure in pop culture and feminism. Born on July 6, (in Coyoacan, Mexico) Frida became a member of a family composed of Germans and Mexicans and began a life that she would have not by any means thought of having. Her father, Guillermo Kahlo of German descent, was indifferent to religion and allowed his wife, Matilde Calder n, to proceed with his daughter's education in the dominant religion of Mexico: Roman Catholicism. Despite her mother's control over her other sisters; Frida began to show signs of rebellion in life and religion. Perhaps this rebellion emerged from the feeling that Frida was distant from her mother's warmth due to Matilde's strict attitude and her decision to ban her older sister for running away, and not allowing her to come back after twelve years. As her rebellious attitude developed, she began to call her mother "mi Jefe" (My Boss). At the age of six, Frida became bed ridden as she had contracted the most deadly disease to the children of the time: polio. When Frida had recovered after nine months, her right leg was shorter and thinner, and she acquired a forcefully pronounced limp. Frida, although rebellious, was a smart student and was soon enrolled in the National Preparatory School of Mexico. At the age of fourteen she pursued a carrier in the medical field and had...
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