Frida Kahlo

Letter to the author
The book Catching fire was a book I really enjoyed to read. I loved that it had action and it was so well written. There were still some things I didn’t really like. I didn’t like it that it had a sad ending, and that it was kind of like The Hunger games.

What I really loved about the book, was that it was well written. I could literally visualize everything, like it was a movie. Not a lot of authors have that kind of skill. When I was able to visualize what was happening, I lost all sense of what was happening around me, for I was captured in the book. The book seemed to come to life.

I love action books. Its like a rush in the blood, It just gets me excited. This book had so much excitement. It never got duel, there was always something interesting happening. Most books that do have action it tends to be only one big action. But Catching fire had action after action. There was always something new and crazy happening.

When I finished the reading the Hunger Games, I couldn’t picture what on earth could the 2nd book be about. My imagination was expecting more then a book that is so much like the 1st one. The book was different in some ways, but when I was reading, it felt like I was reading The Hunger Games. Maybe it felt like that because I was completely imagining something else, something more different and fresh.

Something I despise about some books, is if it leaves me hanging or if it ends sad. This book did both, left me bitter and hungry for more. When I finished reading the book, I was so moody and angry. I kept imagining all the possibilities that could happen next, it got on my nervous and it mad me more angry. But then if the book didn’t leave me hanging I probably would never have read the 3rd book.

Over all the book was good. Even though I hated that it left me hanging sad, I still liked all the action and how it was written. As an author, I think you’re very talented and I would read any of your books....
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