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Frida Kahlo

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Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was a woman who transformed her life by becoming one of Mexico’s most famous painters. She was born in 1907 in Mexico city. Her parents were very diverse. Frida’s father was a German Jewish and her mother was Indian. Her father was a photographer who did not like to photograph people. The parents of Frida had four daughters with Frida being the youngest and favorite out of all of them. He considered her to be the smartest. When Frida was six she had polio in her right leg which she was bedridden for nine months. She recovered from the illness, but limped because the diseased damaged her right leg. Frida took on many lovers in her life, men and women. Her great love that she will meet later on in her life was a man name Diego Rivera. Through the meeting of this man she will grow and have a passion for painting later on in her life. She would do a lot of her paintings with the pain and life experiences that she would have. Kahlo was very different than most girls. She liked to dress like a boy and play boy sports, such as soccer and she would go swimming and even wrestle, who her father would encourage. What she really loved to do growing up would be to play a lot of jokes on people; she had no use for boredom. When Frida entered high school she was a tomboy who was full of mischief and hung out with a group of rebellious boys that continually caused trouble in school. This is where she first came into contact with her future husband Diego Rivera, who was painting a mural in the school’s auditorium. On September 17th, 1925 riding a bus in Mexico City, Frida life as she knew it would come to an end. The bus was about to turn a corner when a trolley car collided with it. The trolley pushed the bus until it burst into a thousand pieces. The trolley ran over many people. Frida laid in the street as people started to gather around her, she was impaled by a steel hand rail, which entered on one side of her hip and pushed out on the other...

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