Topics: Veil, Physical Appearance, Marjane Satrapi Pages: 3 (1036 words) Published: April 10, 2013
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Asia Lee Collazo
English Comp. I
Professor J. Mohan
February 14, 2013

“False Appearance’s”

We are confronted with many different images of others. These false images can either be externally imposed or internally fabricated. In either case, one must have the courage to look through this ignorance so that ones true self can be exposed. After reading Mirrors it was obvious that, Lucy Grealy cared what others thought about her physical appearance. In time, however Grealy was able to overcome that sentiment but deep inside she was still fighting the fact that she was not able to look like everyone else. In reading The Veil, my belief was that even though Marjane Satrapi dislikes wearing veils it would benefit Lucy Grealy because of her unpleasant image. Satrapi was forced to wear a veil at a very young age and felt humiliated by wearing it, whereas for Lucy Grealy she would have to disagree with her because she would feel comfortable with herself. This feeling however would bring a sense of relief for Grealy but as for Satrapi it wouldn’t because of her natural beauty.

Satrapi was being educated in a non-religious French school. The atmosphere during that time was such that everyone was treated equally. An excessive devotion to a particular sect was not yet established during that time. Suddenly, after the

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Islamic Revolution, the current culture in that society changed forever. In 1980, bilingual schools were closed down because they were believed to be a sign of capitalism. One major change for women during the uprising was for all women, young and old, to wear veils. This major change resulted in many revolts within the Islamic culture because there were people for and against it. Since wearing the veil Satrapi was made fun of and began to lose friends. As she stated “We found ourselves veiled and separated from our friends” (Satrapi 150). At a very young age it’s difficult for anyone,...
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