Friar Lawrence Is Most Responsible for Romeo and Juliet's Death's.

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare, Juliet Capulet Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: November 18, 2010
Friar Lawrence is most responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s Death’s. Do you agree?

In the tragedy play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, Two young lovers lose their lives. Without a doubt Romeo’s friend, Friar Lawrence is partly responsible for this sad outcome, as is the character Nurse. However, it is ultimately Romeo and Juliet themselves who take their own lives and therefore they must be held much more responsible than any other character. Friar Lawrence, whilst being partly responsible, I do not believe is the most responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s death. Friar Lawrence is an adult and a priest therefore has some responsibility in looking after the youngsters and the Friar was the mastermind behind the plan to help Juliet avoid marrying Paris. The plan had flaws, for example not delivering the letter to Romeo himself, or making sure he received it. Even when he tried his hardest to stop Juliet from killing herself after Romeo had poisoned himself, there was nothing he could do to change her mind. ‘Friar Lawrence - …Come, come away. Thy husband in thy bosom there lies dead; And Paris too. Come, I’ll dispose of thee among a sisterhood of holy nuns. Stay not to question, for the watch is coming; Come, go, good Juliet. I dare no longer stay.’ Romeo And Juliet, 5:3:159-164, page292. Friar Lawrence offered Juliet hospitality at a sisterhood of holy nuns in order to hide her away from everyone who believed she was dead, but, it was ultimately Juliet’s decision to kill herself to be with the one she loved. Juliet is responsible for her own actions, not the Friar.

The Nurse, Juliet’s confidante, nanny and best friend, could also be accused of being highly responsible for the death of Romeo and Juliet.
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