Topics: Cosmetics, Photographic film, Camera Pages: 4 (1102 words) Published: September 23, 2010
Advantages of Using Digital Photography
Although this is the age of digital photography

, one can still purchase cameras that use film. The key question is to ask why it is advantageous to use digital photography. What are the advantages of digital photography over the ordinary film camera? You will still many people that prefer using film not because they don’t know any better but because they just haven’t taken the time to weigh the advantages or are unfamiliar with modern technology much as the person who is afraid of computers. Anything new and different is scary for some people but to make things easier for those people it is important to look at the advantages of one over the other. Before the era of digital photography many people lost beautiful pictures because they failed to take the film to be developed or lost the film until it was too old to guarantee quality processing. Keep in mind that film is only good for a limited period of time so if you misplace the used film or don’t take it for processing within a specific time, you will lose some of the quality of the photographs. With digital photography there is never a concern about the film expiring because there is no film. There is no need to worry about processing the photographs in a certain period because you can take the memory card at any time to get printed pictures or you can download the memory card to your computer and print your own photographs at any time you so desire. Another advantage of digital photography is being able to see the photograph before you print it. Many times with film cameras the lighting was not right or we failed to focus correctly and the picture was blurry or otherwise distorted. With digital photography you can see the picture right then and if it is not perfect, you can delete that pose and begin again. This avoids the disappointment of losing a perfectly good pose because of focusing or exposure errors. You also do not have to take additional shots just to make...
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