Freudian Implementation and Defense Mechanism: Determining Consumer Trait

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Freudian Implementation & Defense Mechanism Coincides In Determining Consumer Trait

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Sifatun Nahar
ID : 41222028
22nd Batch

Date: Nov 15, 2012
Subject : Consumer Behavior
Course code : 524


There is a saying alike
“No need of distracting yourself from products, with time products will start avoiding you & it will just happen automatically”. The subject “Consumer Behavior” really manifests the saying and champions this very ancient idea. Throughout the course exploring the subject was just about knowing myself, my behavior as a consumer. And the topics that struck me most was the “Defense Mechanism” that showed the hidden portion inside every person that comes in form of behavior & helps every individual in identifying his/her personal trauma may be of which he was totally unknown. And after knowing that may be he can find himself as a normal human being like others, not inferior to anyone in any case & just can feel that his personality is just an combined effect of freudian Id, Superego and Ego and that is the reason why some people are introvert, why some are extrovert and why some emerge themselves as a very confusing but a very common form of “Ambivert”. In this topics I will try to express my understanding about that freudian traits which are very much interrelated with all defense mechanism of people and also it drives the way of one’s personality whether he is introvert, extrovert or an ambivert and in an combination how they effect the consumer behavior.


At the very early stage of life, the juvenile mind of a person can be compared with soft mud. It is so soft to be given any kind of shape, full of free will, wants to do whatever he or she really wants to do. That stage of life according to freud is driven by “Id”- which is totally free from all codes and conduct of society and conscious control. And according to me, in this stage the extroversion quality is evolved most within an...
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