Freud vs. Erickson

Topics: Sigmund Freud, Erik Erikson, Erikson's stages of psychosocial development Pages: 1 (410 words) Published: February 17, 2012
Freuds psychoanalytic theory broke down development into three stages within the first six years of life. Freud put the stages in three categories based on sexual pleasures; the oral stage, anal stage, and phallic stage. The oral stage in infancy gives pleasure from sucking and feeding are most stimulating. Anal stage in early child hood stimulates the anus and aids in potty training. The phallic stage comes from stimulation and curiosity of the male genitalia. Ericksons psychosocial theory was less “concrete” because he felt there were more possibilities in the outcome. Although his theory is based off of the first five stages of Freuds theory he added three more. Eight stages of development, which went from birth to death. The first stage is trust vs. mistrust a baby counts on the care giver to feed and nurture them or, develops mistrust for the care of others. Autonomy vs. shame and doubt, children become more self sufficient in their activities such as; potty training walking, and talking or doubts their abilities entirely. Initiative vs. guilt they want take on adult activities or abide by the limitations and rules of their parents. Industry vs. inferiority children learn to be competent and productive in new skills or feel that they are unable to do anything as good as they wish they could. Identity vs. role confusion trying to establish their own identity with sex, and politics or confusion about who they are. Intimacy vs. isolation looking for love and companionship or isolate themselves from others, fearing rejection. Generativity vs. stagnation adult’s work, raises families, and contributes to society or they do not develop and stay where they are. Integrity vs. despair trying to make sense of what they did or didn’t do in life.

Both theories are similar when you look at the different stages of Freuds and Ericksons development stages. Stages one and two in both theories rely on care givers to provide needed support, and in the potty...
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