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Topics: Sigmund Freud, Psychoanalysis, Carl Jung Pages: 3 (513 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Freud viewed the unconscious as a
collection of images, thoughts and
experiences the individual refused to
process, which lead to neuroses. Freud
believed that the principal driving force
behind men and women’s activities was
repressed or expressed sexuality. Unfulfilled
sexuality led to pathological conditions. The
unconscious to Freud was the storage
facility for all repressed sexual desires, thus
resulting in pathological or mental illness.
Only through laying bare the unconscious
could a person discover how to live happily
and recover from mental illness. Freud tends
toward a very masterful way of storming the
unconscious to denude it of repressed

Jung viewed the unconscious just like Freud
but added to it by stating that each
individual also possessed a collective
unconscious, a group of shared images and
archetypes common to all humans. These
often bubbled up to the surface of the
personal unconscious. Dreams could be
better interpreted by understanding the
symbolic reference points of universally
shared symbols. Humans are driven by their
need to achieve individuation, wholeness or
full knowledge of the self. Many emotions
drive humans to act in psychologically
unhealthy ways, but all these ways were a
longing for the desire to feel complete. Jung,
conversely, felt that the unconscious often
strove on its own for wholeness, and that
mental illness was not pathology, but an
unconscious regulation of emotions and
stored experience tending toward

Both men drew on the concept of the unconscious as a way of explaining dreams, but Jung drew more on a multi-layered concept of the subconscious. The primary differences between Freud and Jung are interesting to observe. The idea of an unconscious is generally almost universally accepted, yet neither Freud nor Jung felt that after an explanation, continued therapeutic...
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