Freud and Jung- the Unconscious

Topics: Unconscious mind, Carl Jung, Consciousness Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: October 16, 2008
Freud and Jung- The Unconscious
The unconscious is hypothetically a region of the mind that contains desires, recollections, fears, feelings and thoughts that are prevented from expression in the conscious awareness.

One of the most influential philosophers who made theories about the unconscious and its aspects is of Sigmund Freud. Freud distinguished between three different concepts of the unconscious: descriptive unconsciousness, dynamic unconsciousness, and the system unconsciousness. The descriptive unconsciousness refers to all those things in mental life in which people are not instinctively aware of. The dynamic unconsciousness refers to mental processes and contents, which are removed from the consciousness as a result of contradictory attitudes. The system unconsciousness indicates the idea that when mental processes are repressed, they become organized different from those of a conscious mind, such as displacement. Freud eventually abandoned of the system unconscious and replaced it with the ego, super-ego, and id concepts. Throughout his career, however he retained the descriptive and dynamic concepts of unconsciousness. Freud also believed that the unconscious was a storage facility for all repressed sexual desires. With this in mind, he created a theory called The Oedipus Complex. The Oedipus complex is a theory, which implies hatred and a death wish for the parent of the same sex (father for boys and mothers for girls) and love/sexual attachments towards the parent of the opposite sex. Freud states that at some point, the child realizes the differences between their mother and their father. With this, the child learns to understand gender because they come to grasp that they are similar to one of the parents and different from the other. When the child finally comprehends this, he/she feels as though the opposite sex is affectionate to another person besides them (their same sex...
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