Freshmen Thesis: Reflection Paper

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Freshmen Thesis-Reflection Paper
Attending college has been a life changing experience for me this year. As every freshman in college usually come across with problems such as academics, housing, and life on campus There are also unforeseen situations that will come in our way as time goes on. Back then when I was in high school, hearing about college and living the college life was something I could not wait to experience. Some of my friends who made it to college will always tell me things which sometimes intimidate me about attending college but I said to myself, I can also make it regardless of how hard it is. Applying for colleges and meeting all the requirements each school demand was another stressful thing I went through but at end, I gained admission to North Carolina Central University where I am currently majoring in Nursing. As a freshman in North Carolina Central University, there were a lot of struggles I went through and still dealing with some of them. My first week in college as a freshman was very tough because I could not get a dorm on campus due to late application form submission. I was told a day before the move in date and I did not have any clue of where to stay for the semester. This situation made my parents very upset about the whole housing issues. I was told to stay home for the first semester if I did not get any place to stay but I said to myself I wasn’t going to stay home and waste the whole fall semester. I decided to go look for an apartment close to campus which will be affordable for me to stay in and go to school. It was very stressful finding somewhere close to campus to stay at that moment but God being so good I did find a place which was 10 minute away with access to campus shuttle. Whenever I thought about being away from home, it brings me tears and then again its making me stronger, independent and very active. I was homesick for only three days which wasn’t bad at all when it comes to my situation. The week that...
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