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What is Judaism?
By: Daniella ZamoraPeriod 4December 2,2012|

Judaism has had many ups and downs in its history. During all that time they developed beliefs, sacred writings and places, holidays, and traditions. Not only that, Judaism has many very important people. Many people still study Judaism. “Wherever you go; I will go; wherever you lodge; I will lodge; your people, shall be my people and your God, my God” Ruth to Naomi (Jackson, Speilvogel)

The religion of Judaism has a very long and exquisite type of history, because it is full of getting conquered. In the beginning, the Egyptians conquered the Jews (Jackson, Speilvogel, pg. 81-82) When the Egyptians conquered; they put the Jewish people into slavery. However, in 1290 B.C., a very important person named Moses was by a burning bush. While by the burning bush, God talked to Moses. God said that Moses should help free the Jewish people. (Jackson, Speilvogel pg.82) After Moses freed them, they returned to Canaan. (Jackson, Speilvogel pg. 82) When the Egyptians left, the Assyrians came. (Jackson, Speilvogel pg. 92)When the Assyrians conquered, the 10 tribes of Israel came and helped the Israelites. (Jackson, Speilovogel pg.90) Then, the Chaldeans came in 605 B.C and while the Chaldeons were around, Egypt and Judah rebelled, but they did failed and were punished. Once the Chaldeons were gone, in 486 B.C., the Jews went to Babylon.(Jackson, Speilvogel, pg.94) Then in 500 B.C., the Persians came and caused more problems. Since there were so many conquerings there was a diaspora, a scattering of Jewish people.(Schlessinger Media) All of these conquerings are called a pogroms.(Schlessinger Media) “I am a Jew because in every place we’re suffering weeps, the Jew weeps. I am a Jew because at every time despair cries out the Jew hopes.” (Charring pg. 6)

Since Judaism is different religion, it also has many different types of beliefs. One major belief is that you should only believe in one...
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