Freshman Masculine Wash: Target Market

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  • Published : December 29, 2012
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The Target Market
The target market of the Freshman Masculine Wash is the middle class people or the people who belong to the Class B in the Philippines.

Consumer Profile

Gender: Male
Age: 13-30yrs old
Nationality : Filipino
 Active and sporty type of people.
 Engaged themselves in playing sports, excising and maintaining the muscles.
 Health conscious/ Hygienic type of people.
 Usually buy products that help in maintaining their bodies healthy and clean. So that they are comfortable and confident.

 Loves to try new products.
 Evaluates the product and if satisfied promotes to his acquaintances and friends.


 The product has less or no
 It is new to the market
 It is supported by studies and
 Provides a whole new level of
satisfaction to its users.
 It can also add confidence and
pleasure to the users.
 Have good benefits like Tea Tree
Oil and ph7 that properly
moisturizes and gentles the skin.
 The company may gain high
market shares since it has less or
no competitors.
 It can attract the attention of the
target market since it is new to
the market.

 It can cause feeling
embarrassment to its users.
 Needs to be promoted using a lot
of promotions and
 The usability is almost the same
with its indirect competitor
brands like soaps.

 The “Indirect competitors” may
affect the decision making of the
target market.
 The target market may think that
the product is just a leisure and
not a need.
 When it is not patronized the
consumer, the company may
experience a loss or worst

The objectives of the Freshman Masculine Wash is:
 To provide a whole new level of satisfaction to its users.  To promote clean and healthy lifestyle for its users
 To bring comfort and confidence to its users
 To inform and to bring...
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