Fresh Water Aquatic Ecosystem

Topics: Aquatic ecosystem, Water, Ecosystem Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: December 21, 2011
Freshwater Aquatic Ecosystem
La Monica Austin
University of Phoenix
Elena Gallagher
June 2, 2011

Humans confiscate most of all the freshwater in the world. Increasing demands from agriculture, industry, and an expanding population have resulted in important habitats across the world left to deteriorate.

“On March 20, 2000, a crowd of monkeys, driven mad from thirst, came into conflict with desperate villagers over drinking water in a small station located in a sparse population in Kenya near the border with Sudan. The Pan African News Agency reported that eight monkeys were killed and 10 villagers hurt in what was described as a “fierce two- hour melee.” The fight came into matter when relief workers appeared and started distributing water from a tanker truck. The local community stated that an extended drought had left animals with no choice but to roam out of their natural habitats to seek clean safe water in human communities. The monkeys were not long after identified as usually harmless vervets (Hinrichsen, World Watch), 2003.”

“The earth's increasing freshwater crisis had currently affected 2.3 billion people, and had already turned farmers against city dwellers, industry against agriculture, states with rich water and against states with poor water, county against county, and neighbor against neighbor. Different species competing over water, like the incident in northern Kenya, assumes to become more ordinary in the near future (Hinrichsen World Watch), 2003.”

According to Karin Krchnak, population and environment program manager at the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) in Washington, D.C., “The water needs of wildlife are often the first to be sacrificed and last to be considered.” “We ignore the fact that working to ensure healthy freshwater ecosystems for wildlife would mean healthy waters for all.” As water is continuing to be removed from rivers, streams, lakes, and aquifers to distribute to liquid craving fields and the...
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